Can  you  escape  in  time ?

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Let's Find Out!

The Escape Experience

At The Escape Experience in Chattanooga, we create truly immersive experiences that stimulate your senses, pull at your emotions, and place you in environments that are believable. Our experiences look, feel and sound realistic. We create much more than just escape games. We create Escape Experiences!

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How Will You Escape ?

Try to breakout of prison? Decode the secret to time-travel and discover your inheritance? Find the cure to end a global pandemic? Stop a missile launch and save the world from total nuclear war? Fly into outer space?

No, it's not easy.
That's why it's so fun!

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Located Downtown

The Escape Experience is located in the Southside District of Downtown Chattanooga within walking distance of the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Yes, we have lots of free parking!

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Who Should Play ?

Anyone and everyone!
An Escape Experience is the perfect amusement for any occasion, including the workday!


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Our Escape Experiences