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Escape the mundane and let us strengthen your team’s bonds through one of our interactive experiences.
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Team Building With Escape Experience

You’re team is given a task to complete with a tight deadline. To succeed, your team must communicate effectively, collaborate and focus on the task at hand while working diligently towards a common goal.

Does this sound like a typical day in your business? If so, let Escape Experience - Chattanooga help strengthen your team bonds.

We offer fun interactive, team building experiences that demand groups work together and communicate clearly to be successful. Most importantly, Escape Experience team building is centered on "fun" which we believe is the key to forming genuine, collaborative relationships with others.

The end result - teams that are more productive, creative, connected and motivated.

Benefits Of Escape Experience Team Building


The Escape Experience is a great activity for new employees, virtual teams as well as teams from different departments to get to know each other. Our adrenaline inducing experiences help remove the inhibitions of the workplace that can stagger creativity and team bonding. As they work together in a fun and engaging environment, your team will build relationships that get carried back to the workplace.


Employees who feel rewarded in ways other than direct compensation are more motivated to be successful, both for themselves and for their employers. And helping employees build strong human connections in fun settings outside of work boosts morale and motivates the entire team.


The Escape Experience is a hands on team building activity that improves workplace communication by placing your team in a scenario that demands real teamwork, collaboration and problem solving skills to be successful. The Escape Experience builds heightened communication skills by applying an element of time pressure in a highly-energized environment and will leave your team talking about their experience long after it is over.