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Escape Mission 1: Breakout of Prison

C-Block Prison Break

# of Players 2 - 8
Success Rate 42 %
Game Time 1 Hour
Best Escape 32:14
Falsely Accused, Redemption Awaits.

Handcuffed and locked away in a maximum security prison, your group has 60 minutes to escape before the guard returns.

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Escape Mission 2: Find Your Inheritance

The Inheritance Mystery Room

# of Players 2 - 8
Success Rate 27 %
Game Time 1 Hour
Best Escape 34:51
Claim What Is Yours, Before Someone Else Does.

In a race against “time", can you carry out your uncle's final wishes and escape with his life’s work before “they” do?

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Escape Mission 3: Find The Cure

Vaccine: Search For The Cure

# of Players 2 - 8
Success Rate 35 %
Game Time 1 Hour
Best Escape 27:37
Save Yourself, Along With The Rest Of Humanity.

Your team has just been infected with a deadly virus and the only hope of survival lies inside an old abandoned farmhouse.

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Escape Mission 4: Stop The Nuclear Launch

The Bunker

# of Players 2 - 8
Success Rate -
Game Time 1 Hour
Best Escape -
Stop The Launch. Prevent Global Nuclear War.

An automated nuclear missile defense system has suddenly entered into launch mode and you are the only one who can stop it.

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